CNC Pricing Guide

All Prices are for CNC time only.  Setup, materials and design work extra.  For use as a guideline only, please contact us for an official quote.

Your Design:
Pricing information about CAD/CAM work. 


Letters and Shapes

Prices are per letter or letter-like shape.  Most fonts can be cut, but not all, please include the font name with your inquiry.

0 to 6 inches $4 each
6 to 12 inches

$6 each

12 to 24 inches$10 each

24 to 48 inches

$20 each

48 to 72 inches$30 each
72 to 96 inches$35 each
96+ inchesvaries

Sheet Cuts

These are cuts where the "outside" of the sheet is saved.

Lattices are sheets with most of the inside cut away.  Windows are cut to simulate multi-lite windows.  Frames cuts with one large opening in the middle.

Full Sheet Lattice$150
Half Sheet Lattice$75
Full Sheet Window$90
Half Sheet Window$45
Full Sheet Frame$50
Half Sheet Frame$25

Pockets and Full 3D

A pocket cut is where material is removed to a certain depth.  Full 3D is a carving with various depths.

Pocket cutting example

3D Carving example

Due to the vast array of variables involved with these two methods please call +1.7736209705 or email for a quote.